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Outdoor Kitchen and Pool

Outdoor Kitchen and Pool



Outdoor Living: Pool, Patios and Outdoor Kitchen

I had to design an area for an in-ground pool, pool patio and entertainment patio off the kitchen sliding door on a pretty steep slope. The pool was to go between two pinned points, given to me by the client and I had to go from there. I had to take into account the pool elevation, the kitchen sliding door elevation and the narrow two side property lines.
I had it all designed to my client’s satisfaction, with a two-tier retaining wall design between the kitchen patio and the pool patio, with an outdoor kitchen and patio two steps off the kitchen patio. It all worked so well and was aesthetically beautiful.
Then, during excavation, because of bedrock, the pool’s elevation had to be raised two feet. The client went nuts – “how were we going to make it work??” It was actually easy – I made the two-tier wall a three tier wall – the planter depths just had to become narrower.
Number two catastrophe happened where the two steps to the outdoor kitchen were to go. Again we hit bedrock, but the worst thing was that the gas line to the pool heater had been laid right on top of the bedrock in the place where the steps were to go. My client was adamant that he didn’t want more than the two steps that were shown on the plan going to the outdoor kitchen. Using a jackhammer, the bedrock was excavated enough for the gas line and the steps and the outdoor kitchen was constructed as designed two steps off the patio.
Happily, the rest of the plan got installed without a hitch!




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