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How to Clean Up Your Landscape in Spring

How to Clean Up Your Landscape in Spring

ENF Designs spring cleanup

Now that spring is hopefully upon us to stay, it’s important to give your landscape a nice fresh pick-me-up with a good spring clean-up before any new seasonal plantings should be done.

After the last of the snow has melted and the sun has warmed up the air to that crisp spring scent, it’s time to take out your rake, your clippers and your edger.

You should begin by raking out any of the dead leaves that might’ve been missed during your fall clean-up along with any dead plantings and weeds you come across – in your beds and on the lawn. Trim from your plants any dead or broken branches that might’ve been damaged from the winter. A good way to tell live branches from dead is the color beneath the bark – if you see green color, it’s alive; brown, it’s not. (If tempted to do any pruning of any flowering plants at this time, make sure you know when it flowers and when it produces its flower buds. My November 2012 newsletter issue talked about this – if you have a question about a plant, please email me.)
Lastly, walk around the edge of your beds with your edger cutting about 4 inches into the bed. This will give your landscaped beds a nice clean look when you spread your new mulch this season.

A few important steps and your landscape will be ready for the next phase – new plantings perhaps, spring pruning, new mulch. A new year of beauty to come!